Saturday, December 27, 2008

I never thought of gravy as a breakfast food but I do now.

Hello! I hope everyone's been having a fantastic holiday!

I had a very Weight Watcher Christmas this year. In more ways than one.  For Christmas I got:

- Weight Watcher measuring spoons
- Weight Watcher food scale
- Weight Watcher pedometer
- Weight Watcher Walking Kit DVD
- Weight Watcher 'Get Healthy' DVD
- Weight Watcher 3-month journal
- Weight Watcher tote bag to put all my materials in
- Eight (8!) Weight Watcher cookbooks

And in my stocking were Weight Watcher granola bars and mini bars!

Ha ha ha!

It's all courtesy of my Mom. She's a Weight Watchers leader herself and my biggest cheerleader. 

I managed pretty well with my points over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, though I think I might have gone over by a tiny bit. We ended up at a breakfast buffet on Christmas Day, which I hadn't been planning on, so that kind of threw me. You seriously have not lived until you've had scrambled eggs, bacon, tater tots, stuffing, turkey, and gravy -- all on the same plate. So good, yet so bad. 

These past couple of days (post-Christmas) have actually been the hardest -- I ended up with a lot more chocolate than I expected, so it's just been sitting there, calling to me. Caramel truffles, and Lindt truffles, and dark chocolate coffee truffles. SO MANY TRUFFLES. I've been feeling really out of control, even though I've been staying within my points.

Something kind of cool happened today though: I bought a pair of pants. Well, they were a size 20, and a bit snug, but they look nice. And I realized they wouldn't have fit me if I hadn't have lost those 11lbs. Eleven doesn't feel like that much, but I think it was enough to squeeze me in these pants. And since they're a bit snug, I can look forward to them fitting better and better as the weeks go by. 

Anyway, that's all for me, for now! I'm going to watch Moulin Rouge while S. is at work and I can sing as loud, and cry as much, as I want.