Tuesday, December 30, 2008

it's a Christmas miracle!

I went to my weigh-in this afternoon and I am just THRILLED to report that I lost 1 lb! That's right, I managed to lose weight over Christmas!

I am so pleased with myself. Going into the holidays, I made myself just one promise: that I would track and journal everything I ate, even if I went over my points.

And that didn't mean writing it all down two or three days later -- I had to write it down as soon as I ate it, just like I always do. Anyway, it worked out better than I hoped -- knowing how many points I was using kept me in check, even when I gave myself permission to go a little crazy and eat whatever.

For instance, on Christmas Day, we ended up going to a breakfast buffet, for brunch. I ate a moderate amount of food -- I didn't 'pig out' like I normally might, but I definitely didn't hesitate to go back for a second (small) plate of hashbrowns covered in gravy.

As soon as I got home I tallied up what I had eaten, and realized I had already maxed out my points for the day, and that whatever else I ate that day (Christmas Dinner, any chocolate, etc.) would be coming out of my flex points. And even though I didn't intend to limit myself that day, something inside me just didn't want to go too crazy, knowing how much I'd already eaten, knowing how much damage I could do. By the end of the day, I'd used the last of my flex points, and five extra, but I feel like that was a very minimal amount of 'damage', all things considered.

Anyway, it was all worth it when I stepped on the scale today to find out I'd had a loss.

*Happy Dance*