Friday, January 9, 2009

happy Friday!

I weighed in last night, and am down another 0.8 lbs. Not a stellar loss, especially since it's been 9 days since my last weigh-in, but I'm okay with it. I've lost 13 lbs in total now, and am more than half-way to my 10%.

The greatest part of our meeting was when our leader asked if anyone had done well over the holidays and wanted to share -- of course my hand shot straight up in the air, being the braggart that I am. Since we hadn't had a meeting in two weeks, I got to announce that over the holidays I lost a total of 6.4lbs. Everyone kinda stared at me in shock -- it took a minute before the usual applause started. It was a great moment. :) Our leader asked how I did it, and I said it was all about the tracking. She made me repeat that about four times, and kept looking pointedly at certain people in the meeting everytime I did. She is funny. :)

So, anyway, a small loss this week, but I'm not feeling even the slightest bit down about it. I'm planning to have another great on-plan week, and I know all these *small* losses are going to add up to something big.

Happy Friday, everyone!