Thursday, January 1, 2009

a thing I wanna try!

I'm experimenting with taking more pictures, so I want to try posting about some of things I like eating. I'm the world's laziest cook, but I still manage to come up with a few easy and healthy menu items, and I hope that posting about them will give other people some ideas too. 

So! To start! 

Spinach Salad!

This came together in about 2 minutes. I buy prewashed baby spinach in big tubs, so I threw about three cups worth on a plate. I also buy pre-sliced mushrooms, so then I threw about a 1/2 cup of those on top of the spinach. Then I sliced up a hard-boiled egg, and added that as well, and about a centimetre slice from a log of goat cheese, which I crumbled on top. Then I sprinkled balsamic vinegar over the whole thing. Voila! Presto! Lunch!

(It works out to 3 or 4 points, depending on how much goat cheese you use. It would also be a bit more if you opted for a balsamic vinegraitte instead of the straight-up vinegar as I used.)

Also, about hard-boiled eggs: They probably take about 15 minutes to make BUT they'll keep for about a week in the fridge, so you can boil up a half-dozen or so when you have time, and then eat them throughout the week. I like them on salads, or on their own as a snack, with a little salt and vinegar.