Thursday, July 9, 2009

I have to say something about something.

There is something I have to get off my chest.

I hate. HATE. I mean, DESPISE. the term 'clean eating'.

It seriously makes me want to punch people! I hate how smug it is. I hate how it implies that any other kind of eating is 'dirty'.

The thing is, I'm about 90% on board with the principles behind it. Yes, I agree that whole, natural foods are probably better for you. Yes, I think that over-processed foods probably do something a little weird to your body. But the moral superiority that seems implicit in calling it 'clean eating' just makes me gag. I honestly find it a bit offensive.

I guess I prefer how Kath refers to it as 'real food' on her awesome blog Kath Eats Real Food. At least calling it real is (somewhat) more objective. It IS more real -- it doesn't have so many fake man-made chemicals, or processing. It's in its more original, authentic (real) state. So that's kind of okay. But clean is just such a loaded word here. I'm genuinely uncomfortable with the comment it makes.

This post is not directed at anyone in particular! Actually, I don't even remember anyone talking about this much lately. It's more brought on by the fact that I picked up an issue of Clean Eating magazine the other day, and I really quite like it, but I'm totally embarrassed buying it or carrying around because I think I look some holier-than-thou wanker.

Anyway, that's all. I just had to say it. Clean eating = boo, for me.