Friday, November 21, 2008

is that a one or a seven?

Well. I went to my meeting last night, feeling good and looking forward to a nice loss after a week of being perfectly on plan and only using three banked points. My starting weight was 251.4, and I thought I’d at LEAST get into the 40s last night.

Imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale to see it said 254.8.

“How can that be?” I shrieked/whispered to the receptionist. “I was so good all week!”

“Well, that’s not bad,” she said, punching numbers into a little red calculator. “You’ve got a loss of 2.6 lbs!”

“No, I don’t!” I continued shriek/whispering. “It’s a gain of 3-something!”

“No, dear, it’s a loss,” she said and pointed to my weigh-in booklet. “This is a seven.”

So apparently I am an idiot. So apparently when I looked at the scale last week I thought it said 251, but actually it said 257. Truthfully, I’m still fairly positive that it was a one, but it DOES make more sense that I would have lost rather than gained this week, and I DID express some surprise that my weight last week was so ‘low’. The 257 admittedly makes a little more sense but damn I was sure it was a one.

Anyway. So the result is, a loss of 2.6, that somehow feels like a gain of 3.4. Not a very auspicious start.