Wednesday, November 19, 2008

you can't beat that week-one energy.

I’ve been doing really well with my food this week. Well. It’s only week one, so I should HOPE I was doing well. Anyway.

I made a food plan for myself for the entire week, listing all my meals and snacks. I didn’t use any banked points in the plan, since I figured I might need to save those in case something unexpected came up. I printed the plan up on a tabloid page and have been carrying it around with me everywhere.

I haven’t stuck to my plan exactly. The page is already covered in notations and substitutions and slight point variations, but I’m happy that in terms of my daily points totals, everything has stayed mostly the same. I’ve only used one banked point, for a bit of wine that I wanted to indulge in after my ‘pumpkin ravioli’ turned into a disaster (could not find pumpkin and had to use zucchini. Pasta stuck to bottom of pot. Accidentally left a bowl on the burner and melted the glaze right off it, almost resulting in full-on kitchen fire. And so on.) Since the pasta sucked, I ate less of it then planned, and used up the rest of the points (plus the one banked point) on a lovely Shiraz. Wine is so much more dependable than my cooking.

Anyway, I can’t wait for weigh-in day to get here. Despite the fact that I’ve done WW a few times, this is probably the best first week I’ve ever had. Certainly it’s the most organized I’ve ever been. I hope that it pays off on the scales.