Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the last supper.

Tomorrow is the first day -- my first meeting. I thought I'd go crazy today eating things I might try to avoid for the next little while. I had a low-fat muffin for breakfast, a 6" meatball sub for lunch, and for dinner I had a grilled cheese and some low-fat french fries. Then Sh. and I split a bottle of wine. I claimed this was so that it wouldn't be sitting around to tempt me after tomorrow, but mostly I just wanted the wine. Mmm, wine.

In retrospect, I guess this wasn't a great day, but the sad truth is it's still better than my usual days, at least lately. Most days I would eat: a breakfast sandwich, chicken sub with extra mayo, and grilled cheese with regular fries + heaps of mayo for dipping. Today, no mayo and a low-fat muffin.

I keep telling Sh. that, "change has come to Andrea." I'm not totally sure he gets the reference but it's amusing me nonetheless.