Monday, December 1, 2008

a busy weekend.

I'm always kind of relieved when Monday gets here, because eating during the weekdays is so much easier. Or at least predictable.

Things didn't go too badly this weekend though. Saturday we had a hectic day -- S and I are kind of at a transitional stage in our relationship, where, we're not quite ready to move in together, but we like spending most of our time together. However, I've got two cats, and was constantly feeling guilty about them and missing them, and I'd have to leave his place to go home and feed them and hang out with them etc. Anyway, after much discussion and planning, we decided to finally move my cats to S.'s place.

So Saturday we had to do a few things to get ready for that. We were up early that day and went first thing to Canadian Tire to buy a litter box, a new cat carrier, a new broom, a scratch pad, and a few other things to settle the cats (and us) into the transition. Then we went home (well, to S's home) and cleaned like CRAZY. Beezus likes to scratch cardboard and S's place is filled with random boxes, so we had to organize all that, and Zack has a habit of eating small things off the floor (bread ties, elastics, etc.) so we had to do a super thorough cleaning of all the nooks and crannies where those things tend to hide. Then it was off to my place to coralle the cats, and collect all their stuff, and lug them back to S's place.

Did I mention we don't have a car, and did all of this via public transit? So needless to say by the time we were done, we were quite tired. We'd missed lunch, and were both hungry and not in the mood to cook, so S went and picked up a thin-crust frozen pizza and a 12-pack of light beer. I ate half the pizza and could not BELIEVE that it was 18 points. For that! I mean, it was tasty, but I was quite stunned at how points-heavy it was. I only ended up having two of the beers (total of 4pts), so since we'd missed lunch, I didn't actually do too badly for points that day.

Sunday was better -- S went to work, and I stayed home and finished cleaning the apartment and settling the cats in. I made a brief trip out for groceries, then made a chicken stew for dinner, with a few Pillsbury rolls for S. Crushed pineapple and Cool Whip for dessert, and a couple more beers, and that was that.

And now I have leftover chicken stew for lunch today, and another portion in the freezer for another day. I like leftovers. :)