Friday, November 28, 2008

small loss, big thoughts.

Well, my big weigh-in last night resulted in a total loss of ... 0.8lbs. I have to admit, I was disappointed. I was perfectly on point all week, and only used 2/3 of my flex points. I didn't even make it down into a new pound -- I just went from 254.8 to 254 even.

I'm starting to remember that this happened last time I tried WW too. My loss was verrrry slow. And the weeks I ate 'good' I seemed to lose less than the weeks I ate 'bad', and I got annoyed -- at the program, at my body, at the whole thing. Eventually I rebelled by eating 'badly' for many weeks in a row, and just fell off the program completely.

I'm trying to be a bit more ... well, zen about it now. Here's what I was thinking last night.

The best case scenario -- the very BEST case -- is that I will do this program for the REST OF MY LIFE. It's not like I'm going to lose the weight and the suddenly not need to watch what I eat anymore. The best case scenario is that I follow the program until I hit goal and then continue to follow the program basically until I die. Which on the one hand is kinda depressing, but on the other hand is kinda freeing. I could be doing this program forever -- so whether I lose the weight sooner or later is kind of irrelevent, I'm still just going to be...doing the program.

Anyway, my total loss for now is 3.4lbs, which is still pretty good.


In more exciting news, our leader announced that the NEW WEIGHT WATCHER PROGRAM is coming out next week!!!! She didn't tell us anything about it, but she said she felt better and more optimistic about it than she ever did about the flex / core program they have now. So I'm super-excited to hear the details of the new program!! I'm going to call my mom this weekend and see if I can get the inside scoop.

(Yeah, did I mention my mom is a manager with Weight Watchers? But that's the subject for a whole other post...)