Tuesday, December 9, 2008

dining with "friends"

I changed the colours on the blog a bit today, just to make it a little more Christmas-y. :)


I'm feeling pretty good today -- like I'm back on track, even though I don't think I was ever really off track, exactly. Yesterday's dinner was pretty delicious -- I made basically a stir-fry, but with a Mexican style rather than Asian. I used chopped onion, garlic, and green pepper, then threw in some frozen kernel corn, a bit of stir-fry beef, then a package of Uncle Ben's 'Express' brown rice, and topped the whole thing with about a cup of salsa and a bit of lime juice. YUM.

The whole pan worked out to be 18 pts, but I think I ate a little more than half, so I'm counting my serving as 10pts. I think next time I might bulk it up with some extra veggies, so I can get more than two servings (and have it be less points!) I also think a can of black or pinto beans would be really good too. I'm thinking of making it again and freezing a few portions for lunches. The best thing is, it took all of 10 min to make!

After dinner I watched a few old episodes of Friends, and there were a couple of references to the fact that Monica used to be really fat in highschool, and for a second I felt really inspired by that, thinking, "Hey, if she can lose weight, so can I!" And then of course I realized she's a fictional character and therefore it doesn't exactly count. Ha ha!