Monday, December 22, 2008

a man a plan a canal panama

Bad news: I forgot my tracking journal at home! OH NOES.

It will be okay; I'll just copy everything out when I get home. But I like my little ritual of writing everything in my book as soon as I eat it. Oh well!

I can't believe it's already December 22nd! This week is just gonna sail by. Does everyone have their holiday eating planned yet? Luckily I had a quiet weekend, so I haven't used any of my flex points for this week, but I know that between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, they're all going to get used up.

For Christmas Eve, we're supposed to go to some friends for dinner, but it's S's first night off in three weeks, and I really don't want to force him to spend a whole evening socializing with MY friends. Anyway, they always make this crazy rich lobster thing (lobster in a cream sherry sauce, in puffed pastry). I just don't really want to spend the points on it, and S. doesn't like fish anyway, so what I'd like to do is eat first, and then just go over for a glass of wine and a short visit. They can be kind of demanding friends though, so I have a feeling this plan is not actually going to work, and I'm going to be eating lobster patties. :)

On Christmas Day itself, I think I just have dinner to worry about. We won't have anything special for breakfast, though I sort of am tempted to make cinnamon buns. For lunch we'll have something small, like grilled cheese and salad, or some soup. Then dinner with the same friends -- to be honest, I don't plan to count that night. Actually, that's not true: I will count and journal everything, I just won't force myself to stay within any points limit. I know the wine's going to be flowing, and I know I'm going to partake, and to be honest, I feel better if I just plan to indulge, than plan not to indulge and then feel deprived or guilty (depending how I fare.)

So! That's my plan. Or sort-of plan, at least.