Wednesday, January 7, 2009

other people say the smartest things.

For those of you who don't read Scale Junkie's blog, I wanted to point out this great post she wrote called Learning To Stop At Just Enough. This is one of those posts that hit me in a big way, that made me want to say ARE YOU INSIDE MY HEAD OR SOMETHING?

The things she mentions are things I struggle with a LOT: feeling angry and even scared when you feel you aren't getting your 'share' of the food; treating every meal/treat like it's THE. LAST. TIME. you are ever going to get to eat that and therefore you need to stuff yourself, never thinking your portion is big enough, eating what you DO have until you are far past full.

I don't know why we do these things (though I genuinely believe there's some brain chemistry thing involved), but I think being aware of them is really helpful. Sometimes just recognizing those feelings can give you the clarity you need to power through them.