Wednesday, January 7, 2009 heaven?

I live on the 2nd floor of an apartment building, which means it's only one short flight of stairs up to our apartment. But even that leaves me out of breath, so I still take the elevator. Yesterday though, I was doing laundry so I was down in the basement. I hit the button to call the elevator but it was taking forever, so I decided I'd just take the stairs, even though it would be two flights.

To my huge surprise, by the time I got to our apartment, I was only the tiniest bit winded. I'd taken two flights of stairs and found I was less winded than when I used to struggle to make it up just one flight.

This seems amazing to me, as well as, frankly, somewhat impossible. I've only lost 12 lbs and done a handful of DVD workout sessions which doesn't seem to me to be enough to make that kind of difference, but there definitely is a difference. I can't explain it, but 'I'll take it', as they say.


In other news, can I get a 'woop-woop' for TEAM LYNN??? Unfortunately I think that's the opposite team from most of my new bloggy friends, but that's okay, as long as you all don't have any hurt feelings when we kick your butts. :)

(Leave a comment if you ARE on Team Lynn, though -- I just scanned the list quickly and I might have missed some people.)