Tuesday, January 13, 2009

grrrrowl! (that is me being a bear).

I've been really craving comfort foods lately. I think it's because it's really winter now, without the holidays to look forward to, and my hibernating urges have kicked in full-blast -- complete with the desire to eat enough calories to last me till spring. I swear sometimes I'm part bear.

I'm going to look through my cookbooks tonight for some good recipes -- I want food that's warm and hearty, like casseroles maybe. I think I'm going to try Lyn's Butternut Macaroni and Cheese, but it seems to be a bit time-consuming to make so I'll wait until the weekend. I've also been thinking of buying a slow-cooker, cause I think that would make exactly the kind of meals I'm looking for, with the added bonus of everything actually being ready by the time I get home. Seriously, that seems so amazing to me. Like having a husband who cooks! Okay, a small ceramic husband, but still.

Do you have any favourite warm-and-hearty winter comfort meals?