Monday, February 2, 2009

every day is like monday.

I really appreciate everyone's comments on my last post. Things are still really hard -- and probably will be for awhile -- but as Mrs. Darling pointed out, what I'm eating is one thing I actually do have control over right now, and it will only make me feel worse to give that up. So I've been on track all weekend, although I did break into my flex points to have a couple slices of pizza and some beer on Friday night.

I dragged my sweetie out to the grocery store yesterday, and we brought our 'old man grocery cart' so we could get lots of stuff. We stocked up on dry goods and frozen veggies and cleaning supplies -- having a well-stocked kitchen always makes me feel wayyyyy more on track. Yesterday I made us spinach salads with chicken, mandarin oranges and almonds, and I made a 'light' blueberry-pear crisp for dessert. YUM.

Oh, and today I'm on the hunt for a good corn chowder recipe, if anyone has one.

Anyway, back to work for me: I was a complete spazz on Friday due to the previously mentioned stressors, and I didn't get very much done. (In fact I left early and went to the bar. Haha!) So now I have to make up for it. :) Hope everyone has a great Monday!