Friday, February 6, 2009


Well, I’m super-excited to report that at weigh-in this week, I lost THREE POUNDS!

I’m super-excited about this for so many reasons:

- I never have big losses like this
- It puts me into a new points range
- It means I’ve now lost 20lbs!!!
- I’m finally under 240, which for some reason has really been ‘sticking in my craw’ as they say. The last time I started WW, 240 was my starting weight, so it’s stuck in my head as my ‘highest weight’. Starting at 257 this time around was such a punch in the gut, and my first ‘real’ goal was to get back to that 240. Now I’ve done it!

A few weeks ago I made my boyfriend promise to buy me flowers when I hit my 20lb mark so I informed him last night that he better pay up. I’ve also decided that for my reward to myself, I’m going to order a copy of The Amazing Adventures of DietGirl from Amazon. Just before I started WW in November, I found Shauna’s blog and went back and read ALL her archives. I mean, all eight years worth. It took me about three days. I’m sure if she was keeping an eye on her stats, she knew a new stalker had been born.

Anyway! I’m feeling super-excited about this (did I say that already?) Being firmly in the 230s makes me feel so accomplished – like I really can get there. I really WILL get there.