Monday, February 9, 2009

It's only Monday and I'm already desperate for the weekend. Oy. This morning I discovered my wallet was missing – I'm hoping I just left it on the coffee table this morning when I was rearranging my bag contents, but of course I'm gonna stress until I know for sure that I didn't lose it or leave it somewhere. I also didn't have any money for lunch today; luckily my desk is a snacker's paradise, so I ended up having a Larabar and a pudding cup. Not great but definitely not the worst thing ever.

My sweetie and I went to Crate and Barrel this weekend, for the first time ever. The one we went to is the first and (currently only) Canadian location they have. Anyway, he bought me some early Valentine's presents, including: two cute little dessert bowls, two red noodle bowls (they have grooves in the top that you can rest your chopsticks on!), and a package of adorable flower-shaped silicone muffin 'wrappers'. These are great since it means you don’t actually need a muffin tray to make muffins – you just fill the wrappers with batter and sit them on a regular baking sheet. Genius!

I made us a stir-fry yesterday, so we could try out the bowls, and I'm super happy with how it turned out. The 'sauce' was so simple: just light soy sauce, roasted garlic (from a jar), a tsp. of brown sugar, and a few light shakes of red pepper flakes but it was soooo good. It’s actually making me crave veggies, just so I can have it again.

So anyway, stuff is going well. Oh yeah, except for how I ate something at a restaurant on Saturday that later turned out to be 24 POINTS HOLY CRAP. They used about 3/4 cup of sauce in the dish, and I left about 90% of that in the bowl though– so I don't think I actually ate 24 pts. Still, it really sucks to realize you picked something you only kinda wanted, because you thought it was healthy, and then it turns out to not be. I totally could have had the chicken parmesan for less points. :(