Friday, February 27, 2009

WI results.

WELL. Weigh-in last night and I’m down 2.8lbs! Yippee! That’s 22.8 total!

That also puts me just 2.2lbs away from my 10%. Me explaining to Shaun last night why I want to get that 10%:

Me: You get to stand in the front of the room and the leader talks about how awesome you are!
Him: Well, you do love it when people talk about how awesome you are.
Me: It’s pretty much my favourite thing.

So. While it’s rare for me to get two ‘big’ losses in a row, I’m going to try realllly hard this week to lose that 2.2 and get my 10%! I’m going to give myself the same four goals as last week, because they seemed to work pretty well. (And will probably work even better if I, you know, actually meet all of them.)


Use less than 10 flex points.
Drink only 1x.
Workout 3x.
No eating after 9pm.

I can do it!