Thursday, February 26, 2009

weekly goals revisited.

Weigh-in tonight! I’m hoping for a good loss, but I’m nervous after two weeks of basically staying the same.

Does that ever happen to you? Like you just get this fear that the whole weight loss thing is going to stop working? I get that a lot. There are so many things I/my body can’t do (at this weight and fitness level), so it’s like on some level I really just assumed my body is defective. And that defective-ness is going to cross over into weightloss.

Except obviously the two are not connected that way: my defectiveness is not going to limit my weightloss – rather, my weightloss is going to limit my defectiveness. But it’s hard to see it that way sometimes.

Anyway, the point is I’m kind of nervous about weigh-in.

Let’s see, how did I do on goals for this week? Not bad. A quick review:

Goal 1: Eat less than 10 flex points.
Soooooo close. I used 11. And that’s only because I mistakenly thought a pint of beer was 4pts and then later remembered it was 5. Dang it.

Goal 2: Only drink 1x:
Well, I crapped out on this one. I drank 3x – half a bottle of wine on Friday, 2 glasses on Monday, and 2 pints of beer yesterday.

Goal 3: workout 3x:
Well, I worked out technically 2x, but I also went to my old apartment and cleaned for about 4 straight hours, which according to, burned more calories than both my other workouts combined. So I’m gonna say I’m good on this one.

Goal 4: No eating after 9pm.
Yup, this one was easy actually. Although I believe on Monday I was still sipping wine after 9.

So HOPEFULLYFINGERSCROSSED this is gonna result in a loss this week.