Sunday, March 29, 2009

lesson learned.

The move went well! It took longer than I expected though -- I thought we'd be done around 3pm, and instead it was more like 6:30. I hadn't had lunch and was starving so when Shaun suggested we go to the pub for some food and celebratory beer, I was all over that.

Okay, I confess: I didn't think about points at all. I ordered whatever I wanted. And what I wanted was fish and chips. With tartar sauce. And beer.

I did work out the points later, and it all still fit within my flex points for the week so no real damage done.

Fast forward to the next morning.

I wake up and say to Shaun, "Hmm, my stomach kinda hurts."

I'm lying in bed and I keep getting these stabbing shooting pains through my abdomen. Like, my entire abdomen -- from breast bone to pelvic bone. At one point I sat up and the pain got so bad that I almost fainted.

Shaun suggested that maybe I had pulled a muscle during the move but it didn't feel like a muscle, especially with the randomness of the stabbing pains. After 20 minutes of lying in bed, close to tears, I got online and looked up walk-in clinics near me.

Now the thing you have to know about me is that I haven't been to a doctor since I was 16. I hate anything to do with doctors and basically refuse to go, so the fact that I was seriously considering going yesterday should tell you something about the level of pain I was in. I was thinking HERNIA I was thinking GALLBLADDER ATTACK, I was thinking STOMACH CANCER.

Finally I thought, I'll take some Pepto-Bismal for now. It can't hurt.

Ten minutes later I was FINE.

Seriously. I thought I was going to die and it turns out it was just grease-induced indigestion. How sad is that? I had no idea indigestion could be that bad.

But in a way it's good, because it has DEFINITELY cured me of any desire to eat greasy food any time soon. I'm still half wondering if it wasn't a gallbladder attack, but from what I've read, those usually occur sooner after eating.

Anyway! That was my weekend. We haven't come across the camera yet, so no progress pics, but I'm sure I'll have them this week.

Hope everyone's had a great weekend!