Monday, March 30, 2009

crunching the numbers.

To amuse myself last week, I finally put together a little weight loss spreadsheet, so I could see a graph of my losses so far. It was kind of cool. I also figured out, for curiosity’s sake, how much I’d lost each month, and what my average weekly loss was in that month.

Total: 3.4
Average: 1.7

Total: 8.8
Average: 1.76

Total: 4.8
Average: 1.2

Total: 5.8
Average: 1.45

Total: 7.2
Average: 1.8

I find it kind of hilarious that December, the month with all the food-and-drink filled festivities, was one of my best months, and January, the month when I’m supposed to be all motivated and gung-ho, was my worst month. I guess I just like to go against the tides!