Wednesday, March 25, 2009

speaking of muscles...

Oy. I hadn’t done the 30-Day Shred in about two weeks, and when I finally put it in yesterday it nearly killed me. It’s so frustrating to think that it took me over a month to build up any kind of stamina at it, and I lost it all in just two weeks of not doing it.

It’s funny – I guess I sometimes think about health and fitness as if it were like money. You know, you work really hard to accumulate it and then you can sit back because … now you have it. You put money in the bank and it’s not like it goes away if you stop adding to it. You just have it. The money is yours. But health is like … you work really hard to accumulate it but then you sit back and suddenly it’s gone again.

I guess it just goes to show that this really is a life-long event. I won’t ‘get healthy’ and then be done with it. I’ll have to ‘get healthy’ and then spend the rest of my life ‘staying healthy.’ I’m still working on this idea, but at least it’s not QUITE as over-whelming as it once was.