Wednesday, April 29, 2009

apparently i'm a frail old woman.

My hip hurts. And it’s really stressing me out.

It started hurting on Friday, and Saturday when I went out for my run, I noticed it was really stiff when I started. It felt fine as I was running, but when I got home, it felt sore again. I’ve worked out every day since then and always the same thing: sore when I start working out, fine while I’m actually working and then MORE sore when I stop. Usually the soreness goes away by the next day but today it’s still achey.

Of course, since I watch The Biggest Loser, I’m super stressed that I somehow ended up with a hip fracture, which would be totally just my luck. Though I suppose it’s more likely that it’s just a strain. I also thought it might be my sneakers – the ones I bought are designed for over-pronators (like me) which means it holds my foot (and thus the rest of my leg) in a totally different position than what I’m used to. And the hip that hurts happens to correspond with the foot that normally pronates the most. So maybe, even though they’re technically the right shoes for my feet, they’re putting more strain on my hip?

I just … argh. I hate my body and here’s yet another great reason for it.

I’m also not sure if or when I should consider seeing someone about it. As I’ve mentioned here before, I’m terrified of doctors and any kind of health care, and I haven’t been to see a doctor in over 10 years. I would have no idea who to even go to … I don’t have a family doctor, so do I go to a walk-in clinic? The emergency room (where they could actually do x-rays)? A sports medicine place?


Sorry for being all venty. Problems like this just really get my anxiety going. I hate body issues. I think this is why I basically ignored my body for so long.