Monday, April 20, 2009


I discovered a new love this weekend: Starbucks cappuccinos! They are delicious! I guess I’d never tried a ‘real’ cappuccino before – only the nasty overly-sweet “French vanilla” stuff they sell at Tim Horton’s and/or gas stations. So this one was quite a revelation. It was 3 pts for a tall, because I got it made with whole milk, but honestly it was so rich and filling and delicious, I don’t think I’d want to switch to non-fat milk, even if it would save me the points. So this will be a weekend treat, I think – and it’s great for me because I have a REALLY hard time getting my milk servings in.

I have a grapefruit to eat later this afternoon when I get hungry and I can’t wait! It smells amazing -- I just keep picking it up and sniffing it. I look like a total weirdo but oh well!