Friday, April 17, 2009

WI results and boot camp #4.

Well, I went to weigh in last night and was delighted to find I was down 2 lbs! For a total of 32.6 lbs! It's not quite as great as it sounds -- that 2 lbs is for two weeks, since I wasn't able to make it to my meeting last week. BUT given how I was just complaining about how the scale wouldn't budge, I'll definitely smile and be happy with my 2 lbs.

Last night was also my 4th booty camp class -- and I SUCKED. Seriously I couldn't do anything. But I compared notes with some of the other girls in the class afterwards, and found they all felt the same. It wasn't that the moves were any harder, either. I think it's just a weird workout cycle -- it's easy, then it's hard, then it's easier, then it's hard again, then it's easier, etc.

Anyway, I swear the only thing that kept me going last night was watching my heart rate monitor, seeing the 'calories burned', and knowing that it was going to hit 20 degrees tonight and that Shaun and I would be hitting up our local pub tonight for our first PATIO BEER of the season. One hour of boot camp is 7 activity points, and that's the equivalent of half a pitcher of beer, and THAT, my friends, is the kind of math I appreciate.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!