Monday, April 6, 2009

weekend update.

Well, I did not have the best weekend, eating-wise.

I always hesitate to say that, because I feel like people are going to think I went totally off the wagon, which is not the case. I did stay within my flex points – that’s pretty much non-negotiable for me. But I did do a lot of unplanned eating, got take-out twice and did not even try to limit my portion sizes, and drank a fair bit of beer.

It’s my own fault too. Well, I guess it’s always my own fault, but this time I can pinpoint exactly where I went wrong. I had planned to make a meatloaf dinner for Shaun and I, but after Saturday and Sunday turned out to be long exhausting days (more on that later), I had absolutely no desire to be all home-ec like and spend an hour in the kitchen making meatloaf and mashed potatoes. I couldn’t think of anything else that was easier that I could make for us, so when Shaun offered to order us take-out, I agreed. This happened on both Saturday and Sunday.

The stupid thing is, I didn’t even want take-out. I had tonnes of stuff in the house I could have eaten (pita pizzas, smoked salmon, omelettes, salad stuff, etc.) but nothing that he would really want to eat or that I had enough of for two people. And because we spent the whole weekend together, rearranging ‘our’ apartment and making our first joint-furniture purchases, I was feeling very ‘couple-y” and wanted us to eat together. So I went along with the take-out.

Stupid, right? I mean, I honestly don’t think he would have cared one bit if I’d said, “Hey, actually I want to use up that smoked salmon before it goes bad, so I’m just going to have an omelette but you go ahead and order take-out.” We still could have ‘eaten together’ (ie, at the same time, in the same place) without actually eating the same food. And like I say, HE would not have been phased by this in the slightest. HE is not obsessive and weird about food like I am.

Oh well. Lesson learned, I guess: Speak up more about what I want or need to eat, especially when I have the ability to. There are enough situations where you don’t have a lot of choice about food, that it seems stupid to not take advantage of it when you do.

Anyway, the exciting part about the weekend is that WE BOUGHT A NEW COUCH!

And a dresser!

We went to Ikea super early on Saturday to pick them out and had them delivered later that day. We spent the remainder of the two days cleaning and organizing the apartment. We’re still not done but it’s coming along nicely. And I really feel like it’s ‘our’ place now, and not ‘his place, that I moved into’.

But anyway, that's why I was exhausted this weekend, and not in a meatloaf making mood. I guess it was worth it. :)