Tuesday, April 7, 2009

i'm already thinking about the weekend.

Ooooh, I am so looking forward to the upcoming long-weekend. I feel like I’ve *just* been holding it together lately, and I need a few days for vegetating.

Of course, I’ve also volunteered to cook Easter dinner this year, so there’ll be at least one day that’ll be busy. Five of my friends are coming over, plus Shaun and I – I’m not so good with cooking for big groups like that, so I’m starting to plan now. So far, this is my menu, but I welcome any fun ideas anyone might have, especially regarding appetizers or dessert.

Whole wheat pita with reduced-fat hummus
Veggie platter with some kind of ranch dip

Roast Pork with mint garlic yogurt on the side
Roasted Asparagus
Boiled mini potatoes with whipped butter and sea salt

Fresh fruit with a cream cheese/marshmallow dipping sauce

I tried to keep everything light (in points) but also light in feel – I wanted a menu that felt spring-like, you know? I think this fits the bill.