Sunday, May 17, 2009

vision boards: you should make one!

When I signed up for Boot Camp, one of the bonus items they gave us was a ‘book’ written by Sammie Richards, the founder of Booty Camp. I use the term ‘book’ lightly, since it looks like it was run off at Kinko’s, but still – this woman did achieve some very lofty fitness goals, and I’m definitely willing to give her ideas a chance.

So one of the things she really advocates is creating a vision board. Basically a giant collage of images / phrases that inspire you. At first I thought this was, well, stupid, but then I started thinking about how motivated I feel every time I pick up a new Weight Watchers Magazine, or browse through a book with tonnes of pictures of healthy food. Looking at beautiful pictures of healthy foods makes me want to EAT healthy foods, soooo … I decided to give the vision board a try. I mean, I want this – I want to lose the weight and get fit and healthy – and if something works (even something cheesy) I’ll give at a shot, at least.

I picked up Bristol board and a glue stick from the dollar store, and one Sunday afternoon I started pouring through my magazines, cutting out pictures of nice looking fruits and veggies, of people working out, of pretty dishes, of fresh herbs, of people having fun and drinking cocktails outside. Ok, that part is not so much about getting healthy, but about reminding myself that losing weight isn’t supposed to be hiding in the closet eating rice cakes. Know what I mean?

I hung the completed collage up right beside my bed, so I see it every day, when I wake up and when I go to sleep. It’s been there for a couple of weeks now, and to be honest, I do notice a difference. I feel focused, and motivated. And I also feel happy, if that makes sense – like I think less about what I’m missing out on (gorging on chips) and more about beautiful healthy things, like pears and fresh mint. One of the ‘rules’ of making the collage is that there shouldn’t be anything negative on it – so no pictures of cellulite, even if you write the word NO above it, and no pictures of Doritos, even if you put a giant X through them. It’s about being positive.

Anyway, here’s a picture of my collage – I really encourage you to go and make one for yourself! You might actually find that it makes a difference, even if you feel kind of cheesy for doing it.