Sunday, June 21, 2009

i am returned.

1. I'm Back.

2. We Had The Best Time Ever.

3. I Love Vacations.

4. Pools Are Awesome and I Would Spend All My Time There If I Could.



5. I Ate Pretty Well.

6. Actually, I Probably Drank More Calories Than I Ate.

7. I Pledge My Allegiance To France (Or At Least To This Ginormous Eiffel Tower Shaped Margarita).



8.  It Turns Out Gambling Is Kind Of Stupid.

9.  So We Spent All Our Money on Fun Stuff Like Shows and Attractions.

10. Speaking of Attraction, I Heart The American President.



11. (Yes, Sadly, He IS Made of Wax.)

12. I Wish Vacations Could Last Forever.

13. Though I Did Miss My Kitties And Friends And Blogs.

14. Speaking Of Which, I Hope You Guys Are All Well, I Have Been Reading All Day And Am Still Not Caught Up!

15. Official Weigh In Will Be Tuesday, But Judging By My Home Scale, It Shouldn't Be Too Bad.

16. More Tomorrow, That's All I Have The Energy For Tonight. :)