Friday, June 12, 2009

one crazy night OR i'll take that vacation now please.

Since I’m leaving tomorrow for Vegas (!!!) I seem to have had all kinds of errands to run this week. Last night involved going to pick up my birth control refill, since like a dummy I forgot until yesterday morning that I was going to need them next week. Anyway, I also had bootcamp last night, so I figured I’d do that first, and then go to the pharmacy afterwards. So a half hour to walk to bootcamp, an hour of doing bootcamp (in the rain! Boooo!), and a half hour to walk home from boot camp. Once I’m home I grab my bike and get ready to cycle to the pharmacy (which is across town). It's still raining but I figure, what the heck, I'm already wet.

Of course, I don’t have a backpack or anything practical like that, and I hate hanging my purse on my handle bars, so I did what any sporty spice would do: stuck my keys and bank card in my sports bra, and headed out.

Get to the pharmacy half an hour later, go to pay for my prescription, and ENNNNHHHHHHHHH (that is the sound of FAIL): my debit card was declined! There should be tonnes of money in that account, so what’s the deal? I start getting super stressed and paranoid because I’m leaving on SATURDAY and hello, I need a working debit card. Anyway, I had no back-up method of payment and no cell phone with me, but I really need this prescription, so I had no choice but to go home and get my Visa. It is still raining and I’m completely soaked and freezing cold and SUPER CRANKY by this point.

Anyway, I cycle home (another half hour), lock my bike up outside, and go in to grab my stuff. Come back outside and am just unlocking my bike again when I hear a huge CRASH. I look up and see two cars have SLAMMED into each other, and a fraction of a second later I realize that one of those cars is now out of control and careening towards me! I jump back and the car stops just a foot or so shy of where I’d been standing. Of course I’m the closest one so I rush up to the car to make sure the driver is okay, and suddenly there are tonnes of people everywhere and all four lanes of traffic (it’s a big road) are stopped and it’s like, Whoa, that’s the first time I’ve seen a real car crash. SCARY! Luckily everyone was okay. I stuck around until the police showed up, but since I hadn’t actually seen what happened, I figured I wasn’t much use as a ‘witness’, so I decided I’d continue on to the pharmacy.

Walk my bike down to the lights but I realize I’m shaking like a leaf. I’m cold and wet and frankly, kinda shook up. Luckily I run into Shaun who’s on his way home from the coffee shop, so after I tell him everything that happened, he tells me there is no way he’s letting me bike all the way across town. It’s almost 11pm by now and it’s dark and raining and I have no helmet and no bike light. I have to agree that he’s right so we go home.

Of course, I’m still paranoid about my debit card so we walk to the nearest store so I can try it again: The Dreaded Convenience Store. Now I have totally avoided convenience stores since I started WW, and I especially don’t go near them when I’m tired or stressed. Now I’m tired, stressed, cold, hungry, and I’m in a convenience store AND I HAVE to spend money! Ah! This is like a WW nightmare!

I wandered around that store for a good ten minutes. I gazed longingly at a giant bag of Smart Food. I lightly caressed a frozen pizza. I may have picked up a box of Kraft Dinner nuzzled it a little.

This was seriously one of the hardest ten minutes I’ve faced so far. I had a million thoughts going through my head and strangely both my pros and cons were all the same. Like, reasons why I SHOULDN’T buy crap were:

- You’re going on vacation in two days, so you should be as good as possible beforehand! and
- You burned so many calories already tonight, don’t blow it!

But my reasons why I SHOULD buy crap were the same:

- Oh, you’re going on vacation in two days anyway, who cares! and
- You already burned lots of calories, you can afford it!

The mind is a tricky thing.

In the end I bought two small containers of chocolate milk (one for me and one for Shaun), and I bought Shaun a bag of ketchup chips (since I hate that flavour.) So I made it through okay. And yes, my debit card worked. And no, I still haven’t gotten my prescription yet. But after loudly telling this whole story to my co-worker this morning, my boss has very kindly offered to let me leave early today. :)

So all’s well that ends well, and who the hell cares anyway because tomorrow I’m going to VEGAS!!!!