Wednesday, June 10, 2009

take a picture it'll last longer.

In the comments to my post yesterday, Skinny Me! told me to take lots of pictures while in Vegas so I could share them with you guys. Which of course I’m totally gonna do! But it made me realize something: I don’t fear photos anymore!

I’ve had to go to several work events lately and so I’ve ended up in lots of photos, and even some of the ‘official’ post-event slideshows. Seeing a picture of myself pop up when I’m scrolling through a Powerpoint document is still weird, but I don’t cringe the way I used to. I pause. I squint a little. Cock my head. And decide that I actually look pretty good.

So yeah: I like to see photos of myself now. And that makes me really happy. I’m excited to take lots of vacation photos, and I’m excited to get photos of Shaun and I together, because we barely have any.

There’s some irony here, because it was a photo from a work event that first made me realize that I HAD to do something about my weight. It was shocking to see how truly huge I’d gotten. I saved that picture to my desktop, and I looked at it almost every day, trying to work up the courage to change.

And change I have. I pouted a bit yesterday about only being down 0.8 lbs, but I’ve lost ALMOST 45 LBS! In 7 months!

And all the photos prove it. :)