Sunday, June 7, 2009

weekend update.

Hello kittens! I hope everyone's been having an excellent weekend. It is with mixed emotions that I tell you that Friday's post was a pretty good indicator of how my weekend went. Good times, lots of empty calories.


On the plus side I did lots of walking (over 5 miles on Saturday), biked to and from a party last night, and did my C25K run today. So not a total write-off.


I bought these FABULOUS sandals on Saturday. They are Merrells and I love them! They look half like trendy gladiator-style sandals and half like orthotics. So they're one part cool and one part little old lady, hence: perfect for me.



They were $100 which is more than I usually pay for shoes, but I'm so glad I bought them. I walked those 5 miles on Saturday wearing these shoes, and that was my first time wearing them -- that's pretty much unheard of for me, sandals usually come with a long and painful breaking-in period.


I'm seriously considering buying a second pair in brown.