Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WI results: the early edition.

I weighed in today, even though I normally go on Thursdays. (My new session of Boot Camp, which starts this week, conflicts with my regular Thursday WW meetings, so I'll be switching to this Tuesday lunch time meeting instead.


Anyway, long story short: down 0.8 lbs, total loss 43.6 lbs. I'm sort of happy about that, but not. I guess I expected to be down a lot more than that, especially since I was going from an evening weigh-in to a noon weigh in. Oh well.


So that's my last WI before VEGAS (!!!!). The kind of good thing is that it will be two full weeks before my next WI, but I'll only be away for 8 days in there. So I'll have almost a whole week (3 days before the trip and 3 days after) to keep things reigned in. I hope that, combined with all the walking we're going to be doing in VEGAS (!!!!) will mean that two weeks from now, when I do weigh in again, I won't be too far off where I am now.