Saturday, July 18, 2009

i figured, Y not?

Yesterday I took the mental and financial plunge and ... joined the Y!

I'm excited about it! It's actually a very nice facility -- 2 pools, 2 gymnasiums, an indoor and outdoor running track, several studios, a bunch of squash courts, a large weight room, and of course, a 'conditioning room' where all the cardio and strength machines are kept. They have a ton of classes as well: cyclefit, runfit, boxfit, aquafit, etc., plus dance classes, yoga, pilates, step, and even some that involve weights and bars. (I think this is similar to Body Pump?)

It's also a perfect location for me. I'm not sure I mentioned this, but my office is only about a 15-20 minute walk from our apartment. (I know, life is sweet.) The Y is basically between them -- a little closer to work, but still probably only about a 10-12 minute walk from home.

The price was right too (I can get 5 months gym time for what I paid for 8 weeks of bootcamp! Oy!) And the thing that really pushed me over the edge was the 'green roof' they're building, scheduled to be done at the beginning of September. The outdoor track is up on the roof, and they're keeping it but turning it into a park basically, with tons of green plants and trees and grass and benches and even a little pond, and they're adding a yoga space as well. It's hard to picture, but look at this and imagine it filled with green:

Y roof

I just love those skyline views. I think it'll be a really nice spot to go.

Of course, I do not exactly have the best history with gyms, so I'm a little nervous. I have a habit of, um, not going. But the gyms I've joined in the past have been crappy and had few options (ie, Curves). So I'm hoping I won't get as bored with this one.

There's also something a bit scarily ... open ended about the gym. With bootcamp, it's always been a limited time period, so on those days when I feel like I DESPISE the idea of working out, and would rather eat my sneakers than go to class, I can just tell myself, "it's only another three weeks! Go to class and in three weeks you'll never have to go again!" Sometimes that's all that got me up off my ass and out the door. Joining a gym is a harsh reminder that: THIS IS FOREVER.

But still, I think I'll find enough variety here to keep me interested for awhile. I love lap swimming and aquafit, plus the tracks will be nice if I decide to keep on with my (currently still pathetic) running attempts, and I like the idea of having access to all the machines and weights and such. Plus spin classes (which I've always wanted to try!) And boxfit (yay punching things!) And drop-in badminton (holy junior high!)

You know, I think if I can keep my own brain and neuroses outta my way, I'm going to love the gym. :)