Friday, July 17, 2009

Heart Rate Monitors: a question!

I have a (possibly overly-neurotic) question for those of you who use heart rate monitors.

When you’re done your workout, and you see the amount of calories burned, do you subtract your BMR from this amount?

Here’s what I mean. My BMR is about 1750 (according to the online formulas), so I burn about 75 calories an hour just doing absolutely nothing. Right? So on bootcamp days, I wear my HRM for 2 hours: half-hour walk there, one hour HARD working out, half-hour walk home. I usually burn anywhere from 1100-1300 calories in this two hours, depending on how hard I work. But then I always figure, I would have burned 150 calories anyway in those two hours. I mean, 150 calories was just my body doing its normal stuff, like digesting and blinking and whatever. So I minus those 150 calories from my total. Actually, I usually minus 200 calories to be safe. So if my HRM said I burned 1100 calories, I would only record 900, as in 9 activity points.

Am I doing this right? Or am I crazy? I was trying to find out whether or not HRM calorie counts automatically adjust for BMR but I couldn’t find anything. I have a Polar F6, if that makes a difference.

(PS: If any of you are CONSIDERING buying a HRM, I highly recommend it! I hesitated about buying mine, because it was over $100, but I’m so glad I did! I use it all the time and it definitely keeps me motivated (and honest!) )