Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An idea for the weekend.

Well, I really enjoyed taking all those pictures for yesterday's post. Now, I'm not going to start doing it all the time -- mostly because I eat pretty much the same thing every day and man, that would be the most boring food blog ever -- but I'm thinking I might use it as a tool to stay on track during the weekends.

The weekends are my biggest weakness right now (I'm SURE I'm not alone in that one!) so I'm thinking this weekend I'll try taking pictures of everything I eat, starting Friday night and going through to Sunday night. I'll post them all on Sunday night. That way you can all be like, "Seriously Andrea, I think I got fat just looking at all those pictures of Swiss Chalet!" Okay, hopefully it won't be that bad. :)


I finished the book I was reading last night, and I forgot to pick up the sequel today like I was planning. Now I don't want to start another book because I still plan to buy the sequel, which means I have nothing to read tonight. Don't you HATE that?

I don't know about you guys, but I HAVE to read something before I go to sleep. I read a lot too, at least one and often two books a week. Shaun calls me a 'binge reader', which is kinda not surprising given my food issues. When I like something I just have to KEEP ON CONSUMING IT. I'm the same way when I buy a TV season on DVD, I have to keep watching it until it's over. You should have seen me when I got into Six Feet Under; I pretty much went into a coma for two weeks until I'd watched all five seasons.

It's funny, isn't it, how we can have all these parts to our personalities, and all these different habits and ways of being, and deep down it's all the same. All the same flaws, all the same crazy quirks, all the same ways of turning on and off, of being us.