Saturday, July 25, 2009

makeover madness.

By 9a.m this morning I'd already been to the Farmer's Market and back, which included a bike ride that was entirely up hill (and, to be fair, one that was entirely down hill.) We got a ton of peppers, some summer squash, yellow beans, peaches, and free-run eggs. I'm so excited about these, supposedly fresh eggs taste different than the usual ones you get at the grocery store?

We also got some crazy fresh pasta that supposedly is the first totally local, organic pasta in Ontario? Where the flour is milled here and everything? I dunno, I'm a bit fuzzy on the details, and unfortunately I grabbed one of the packages that didn't have a label. Anyway, it's a fairly dark brown in colour and the guy said it was chewier and nuttier than regular pasta, which is what I love about whole wheat pasta anyway, so it should be good.

Anyway, I called this post 'makeover madness', because I'm doing some work on the blog template today, so don't be alarmed if anything looks, well, mad. Everything should be pretty as pie by tomorrow.

Have a great Saturday!