Thursday, July 2, 2009

to the water.

Guess where I'm going on Friday after work??


If you guessed "Body Blitz spa for a therapeutic water treatment", you're totally right! (And also totally psychic and a bit creepy!)


The therapeutic water treatment consists of alternating hot and cold:

- 10 minutes in a warm sea salt pool then

- 1 minute cold plunge

- 10 minutes in a hot green tea pool

- 1 minute cold plunge

- 10 minutes in an infrared sauna

- 1 minute cold plunge

- 10 minutes in an aromatherapy steam room


I might have mixed up the order a bit but you get the idea.


The pools are supposed to have all sorts of health benefits, everything from improving skin tone and elasticity to easing muscle soreness and inflammation. But mostly it's just a chance to relax and be a little pampered. And be in the water! Which I love. I'm going with the two girls I go to Boot Camp with, so I feel all three of us deserve a little love, don't you? We've been doing bootcamp for 12 weeks now! Oy vey!


Anyway, check out these gorgeous pictures of the pools:








I NEVER do stuff like this (I've never even gone for a massage!), so this should be a real treat. Yay!