Sunday, September 13, 2009

one long weekend: in pictures!

Thank you all for your birthday wishes! I ended up having a great day, and I took the next day (Friday) off work, which made it even better.

On Friday we went out to Panorama for drinks with a bunch of friends. It was really nice! I wore a dress. Sadly none of the pictures look that great, but I snapped this one before we left. (Yes, I am wearing feathers in my hair!)


And here's one from the bar, although we had to use the flash which means I look even more ghostly than normal!

My boyfriend is so handsome!


Speaking of pictures, yesterday I took the plunge and bought ... a DSLR! Yes, I bought myself a Canon Rebel Xsi. (Hilariously, this is the same camera Kath bought today. I'd say we're totally blog twins now, but she is obviously still loads cooler than I am. Ha ha!)

Anyway, Shaun and I have had a great time taking lots of pictures this weekend, mostly of ourselves and the cats. I am super impressed with the quality of the photos!

A few randoms:

(Greek yogurt with strawberries: YUM)


(My beautiful Beezus)


New Camera 2 046 
(Delicious egg and cheese sandwich: the healthy person's hangover breakfast)


New Camera 045 
(My camera-shy Zack Morris)


So, basically what I'm saying is: prepare yourselves for way more photos to start showing up on here. I doubt I'll start photographing everything I eat (I'm a much too repetitive eater for that) but ... let's just say I hope you guys like cats!