Monday, September 14, 2009


Last night I tried out my second recipe from the Eat, Shrink And Be Merry cookbook: Chicken Pandemonium. It's basically a faux chicken-and-mushroom risotto. It was really, really good. Actually, it may have been a little TOO good.


Yes, I just complained about something being too good. But the dish was supposed to serve four, but I ate about a third of it myself (Shaun ate another third.)  And I seriously could have eaten more, I just forced myself to pack up the third serving and put in the fridge. Wherein I proceeded to daydream about it ALL DAY LONG.

Seriously, I thought about it all day today. I knew there were about 11pts worth left in the fridge, and I technically do not have 11 pts left for the day. So I tried to talk myself into eating half of it, and adding a salad. But I really wanted to just eat the whole thing. So guess what I did? Yep.

I ate the whole thing.

I don't know -- there's something about a particular combination of carbs, fat, and salt (or sugar, such as in baked goods) that triggers all my binging tendencies. It's the same way when there are chips in the house. I turn into a FREAK.

It's weird, it's not like I don't LIKE the food I eat now. I love my wraps, my stir-fries, my omelettes. I refuse to eat stuff I don't like, just for the sake of a 'diet'. But they don't make me go nuts. It's no problem for me to keep leftover stir-fry in the fridge. If I come home from work and I have leftover stir-fry, all I think is "Great! I have left-over stir-fry!" When I came home tonight I was like Cookie Monster. Or Chicken Pandemonium Monster, as the case may be.