Saturday, October 10, 2009

back to my old self (no, I mean my REALLY old self.)

I admit that I used to sort of roll my eyes when people would talk about getting thrown off track due to being sick. Come on, I would think. It's been four days, surely you are feeling well enough to drag yourself to the gym. A runny nose is not a reason to pig out on ice cream!

Well, my friends, I have been bitten in the ass by this food poisoning / flu thing. It's been SIX days and I still don't feel up to going to the gym. I spend most of the day feeling vaguely nauseous, so I eat nothing but toast and butter (trust me, those points add up) and when I'm finally feeling better in the evening*, then I am so sick of TOAST so I eat something fatty and overly processed, just for the taste of it, like a box of macaroni and cheese (let's not even TALK about THOSE points.) That, of course, makes me feel nauseous again and the cycle repeats again the next day.

My legs and hips are sore from so much sitting but I don't have the energy to do much else. I feel ...

Well, you know what? I feel just like I did in the old days: like a big fat pig. Nauseous, sore, tired, depressed. How did I used to live like this? How did I ever think this was normal? How did I try to convince myself that I was happy that way?

Feeling so blah today (as you can probably tell). Blah blah blah.


*No, I am not pregnant / this is not morning sickness.