Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i'm bringing knitting back.

Since it's very chilly out already (got down to 0 today in Toronto!), that means it's time for: KNITTING!

Knitting is a totally seasonal hobby for me. I can't stand sitting with piles of wool in my lap during the summer! But bring on the crisp fall (and cold winter) weather, and I'm all over that.

My first project this winter is the going to be: the Owls sweater! Some of you may have seen this before, but for non-knitting geeks, the Owls sweater is possibly the most famous pattern on the internet. So famous, in fact, that my local knitting shop offers a workshop on it, complete with instructions for a cardigan option. Cardigan option! So I signed up for that. Can't wait!! I'm thinking grey yarn, like in the photo, or a purple-ish-grey. I really like the samples I've seen that are knit in white, but I'm sooooo spilly and the idea of spending weeks knitting a sweater and then staining it with wayward coffee is far too depressing.

Anyway, blah blah blah, knitting nerdery! I'll bring this back to weightloss by mentioning that knitting is pretty much the best thing ever in terms of staying away from snacking. It keeps your hands busy, and if you buy sort-of expensive yarn, you will probably start screaming at anyone who dares to bring food anywhere close to you! It's basically a perfect system.

Any other knitters out there?