Tuesday, October 13, 2009

WI results and getting back on track.

WI today and I was down 2.4 lbs for a total loss now of 64.8.

That 2.4 lbs is for two weeks though, so it's not actually that great. I know from my scale at home that I was down more than 3 lbs last week, which means I actually gained this week, despite the food poisoning. The truth is, I did pretty piss-poor this week, in terms of weight-watching. Getting sick and being nauseous for an entire week really threw me. The first few days, yes, I was truly sick and could barely eat. But after that I was just suffering from a constant low-level nausea that was more annoying than anything else, and I solved that little problem by proceeding to stuff my face.

I wrote on Saturday that it felt like I'd gone back to my old pre-WW self, and that's actually pretty accurate. The thing I realized, the thing that was really throwing me, is that I actually lost all my hunger cues when I was sick. I never got hungry, not once all week. This ended up being a total trigger for me to go back to my old eating habits. I ate the way I used to: I pigged out. This year, I've really taught myself to rely a lot on the cues my body gives me to eat. But when I was sick, I never felt hungry OR full, just nauseous and MORE nauseous, so I lost all my normal cues. Without those, I reverted 100% back to my old ways. You'd think the nausea would be enough to keep me from eating like that, but in reality, in my old pigging out days, I frequently ate to the point (and past the point) of nausea, so I guess it felt 'normal', last week, to eat a bunch of ice cream and then feel sick.

Sad, right? The only good thing I did was continue to track everything.

The other good thing is that I am totally sick of feeling sick! I finally lost the nausea and I am soooooo excited to get back to my normal routine, and my normal foods. I’m even excited about getting back to the gym! And drinking lots of water! And did I mention not feeling sick?!

So this week's plans include:
- Clean the kitchen (which fell into a dismal state while I was sick)
- Stock up on groceries for home, and my office stash as well
- Hit the gym three times (get back to the Couch To 5K! I was at week 4, but I think I’m going to re-do wk 3 to compensate for the fact that I missed a whole week.)
- Drink 1 Million Gallons of water (approx.)
- Track everything (goes without saying)
- No eating out! We brought some leftover turkey home from Thanksgiving dinner yesterday (Thanks Chris!) so that should make a couple of low-point meals, and I’ll figure out the rest today.

I was disappointed in myself this past week, but I’m relieved to know that this kind of behaviour is more of an aberration these days. This past week has felt like one of those horrible vacations where everything goes wrong and in the end you’re just so relieved to be home. I’m glad that healthy feels like home now.