Saturday, November 14, 2009

i think i deserve a nike+ now, don't you?

I was planning to post a big anniversary post yesterday, but I never got around to writing it. Instead of spending the evening thinking and writing, I decided to just spend the evening DOING, instead. What better recognition of a year spent learning to get up off my ass then by once again GETTING UP OFF MY ASS? Amiright???

So in the past week I've been transitioning from running on the treadmill to running on the road, which, as you may now, is a bit more difficult. But I wanted to be ready for our 5K in December! This week I've done both sets of my Couch To 5K week 6 intervals outside, and it's been a bit of a challenge. Yesterday was supposed to be running for 25 minutes straight, but I really doubted I could do it. So instead, I mapped out 3 miles along Bloor, and figured I'd walk/run it, just to see how long it would take me, and how much I could run -- and I told myself, "If you can't run 25 minutes, no big deal!"



Where did that even come from??? Now, yes, I was the slowest person ever -- it took me 42 minutes, which is only marginally faster than I could have walked it. And ok, I did walk for maybe 3 or 4 minutes total and I did stop at streetlights a few times, so I didn't RUNNNNN the whole thing, but still!

When I designed this route, I wanted something flat, and easy to remember. But I quickly realized the fundamental flaw in this route. Can you spot it? Yes, once I got to Coxwell, I still had to, uh, come back. UGH. Not the funnest part of my evening, that's for sure. I was so cold and tired! In total I travelled 7 miles last night, in exactly two hours, and I burned 1200 calories, according to my HRM. Yesssss.

Anyway, it may not have been the smartest move in the world to run that much, so soon, and I think I will be scaling back to my regularly scheduled C25K programming until the 5K. But it feels sooooo amazing to know that I can do this.

I'll be back tomorrow with a proper "one year with Weight Watchers" anniversary post. Have a great Saturday everyone!