Thursday, November 12, 2009

dinner and a movie and a haircut.

Thanks for all your comments on my progress pictures! It definitely cheered me up. You know, the pounds lost mean nothing without context, and the context is who I was then and who I am now.

Chez Julie made the comment that if I were on the Biggest Loser, it would be makeover time, and funnily enough, today I had an appointment for a haircut. My hair had gotten quite long but it was all one length, and basically looked like crap all the time, which meant I couldn't do anything with it but wear it in a ponytail. And sadly it's been like that for ages (hence why my year's worth of progress photos all feature the same ratty ponytail.)

Anyway, tonight I got some layers put into it, and had him fix my growing-out bangs so they blended into my hair a bit more.

I'm pretty happy with it! I think it's a nice shape for my face. These pictures aren't the greatest, but I was too lazy to get out my real camera, so I took them with my webcam.



After my haircut, Shaun and I went out for dinner and then to see the movie The September Issue. 506442.1020.A It's a documentary about the making of the September issue of Vogue, and a look at Anna Wintour (the famous editor) and her staff. It was really good -- I recommend, if you like documentaries and are at all interested in fashion and/or magazine publishing, and/or you really liked The Devil Wears Prada.

Between the haircut and the movie, I'm feeling some serious urge to do a bit of glamourizing myself. Must look into purchasing new clothes and/or learning to apply make-up. Hmmm.