Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WI results: the major bummer edition.

WI today and tragically I was up 2.2 lbs. DANG that smarts. There’s no real reason for it either, at least not points-wise. I did eat all my flex and maybe half my activity points, but I should have still been ok. Then again, I did eat a steak dinner at The Keg, AND a Festive Special from Swiss Chalet. Which also means I indulged in both beer and French fries this weekend, two foods that love me so much they like to cling to my thighs like little gypsy children. If I give them money, will they go away?

Stats for this week:
Flex Points Used: 35/35
Activity Points Earned: 25
Activity Points Used: 11/25
Weigh In Results: +2.2

Anyway, to be perfectly honest with you guys, I’m super bummed about this. I know I talk a big game, about how this isn’t a journey, and I don’t focus on goals, and that’s true in lots of ways, but in other ways I’m just your average fat chick who wants to get unfat as soon as possible. And today I was that fat chick who spends the whole meeting fighting off tears and daydreaming about Cheezies.

I guess I’m feeling particularly bummed about this because my Weight-Watcher anniversary (one whole year!) is on Friday, and I was really psyched about being able to say I’d lost 70 lbs this year, and now I can’t. I’d even planned on talking about it at my meeting today and getting to celebrate a little, but in the end I felt too pathetic to mention it. It sucks that after all this hard work I’m wrapping up my year on such a poor note.

Ok, ok. Ending pity party …. NOW.