Tuesday, December 1, 2009

WI results and a question and a comment.

Weigh in today and I was down 0.6 lbs. Feeling pretty crappy about that, frankly. Net loss for the past four weeks: a whopping 1 lb. Is this what they call a plateau? If so I frigging hate it.

Any thoughts on what (if anything) I should do about it? I do track everything, still measure most things, never eat outside of my points (I mean, including Flex and Activity), and actually rarely eat any activity points lately, although I usually earn about 15-25 activity points a week.

Eat more? Eat less? Work out more? Work out less? Just sit back and ride it out? Blame it on the fact that I went off the pill about 6 weeks ago, and wait for my hormones to readjust?


Anyway! Thanks to every one for all the awesome book suggestions yesterday. My Amazon wishlist has grown exponentially! And thanks to everyone who 'delurked'! Who knew a books post would bring out so many new voices? Delurk more often, you guys!

Oh, I also wanted to say something briefly about comments. I am the kind of person who is often plagued by indecision, and when I can’t make up my mind about something, I end up doing nothing. That happened to me with comments. I could never decide whether it was better to reply within my own comments section, to post a comment on that person’s blog in response, to send an email response, etc. Too many options! So too often I just ended up not responding to comments at all, and I really apologize for that guys, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you guys take time out of your day to give me support and advice and feedback. So I’m going to make a lot more effort to respond to comments (not all of them, probably, but lots more than I currently do), and I’m going to do it right in my own comments section. So check back, especially if you’ve asked me questions or whatever.