Tuesday, December 1, 2009

1-PT sandwich thins, now available in Canada!

Sorry for the double posting today, guys, BUT I had a great trip to the grocery store and had to share my find: 1 pt sandwich thins! OR NOT. Oops! Turns out these guys are actually 3 pts! I thought they had 100 calories, like the other flavour, but they actually have 190 calories, making them 3pts.
Yes, no longer do we Canadians have to live in envy of American Weight Watcher's and their “Arnold” or “Oroweat” 1pt sandwich thins. THANK YOU PITA BREAK!
Now, they had two kinds at the store. The multigrain unfortunately only had 2g of fibre, which meant it worked out to 2pts each (still pretty good!) but this Flax Whole Grain type had a very respectable 5g of fibre, bringing it down to 1pt. YAHOO! In taste they seem quite comparable to the other 3pt brands I’ve tried before.
I enjoyed mine with 2 wedges of light Laughing Cow cheese, and 50 g. of smoked salmon. Hello, best 4 pt snack ever!
Of course, accompanied by a glass of vino.

Anyway, I found these babies at Sobey’s. I’d say they were very comparable to the other 3pt brands that have been available here for awhile. I love these little guys in general because I find they really do make a great substitute for a lot of buns. They’re great with hamburgers or veggie burgers, and their round shape makes them perfect for egg-and-cheese sammies for weekend breakfast. So glad to have a 1 pt option now!