Tuesday, January 5, 2010

WI results and a brand new week.

So, first weigh in of the new year! And the result … up 3.2 lbs. Which to be honest, I am THRILLED with. That’s for two weeks (I missed two meetings in a row), and those two weeks included: Christmas, Christmas Eve, New Years, New Years Eve, several miscellaneous holiday potlucks and dinners, and, oh yeah, 8 days in Cuba at an all-inclusive resort. So a 3.2 lb gain is pretty darn okay in my books.

The only rule I made myself over the two weeks was: no food babies. You know what I mean, when you’ve eaten so much you feel like your stomach may actually burst open, birthing a food baby, Aliens-style? Yeah, none of those. So I could eat whatever I wanted but not to the point of being over-stuffed. So I ate as I pleased -- dessert at every meal (including breakfast!), bacon, cappuccinos with whole milk and real sugar, deep-fried calamari, pizza, full-fat pina coladas, etc. No food was off limits – but the portions had to be reasonable.

Yeah, the reality is that if I’d wanted to and really tried, I could have lost weight the last couple of weeks. But the other reality is that I could have gained a lot more. I think my approach resulted in the happiest me – I feel satisfied and happy with all my indulgences, but I’m not kicking myself now that I’ve faced the scale. It was the perfect balance (for me! Your mileage may vary.)

I’m feeling pretty psyched for the new year now too. Even though I got back on track the second I got home, I admit that a small part of me wanted to fight it until after I’d weighed in. But now I feel that the slate is clean, I’ve got my official number to work with, a new week to fill out in my tracker, and the new issue of Weight Watchers magazine to flip through this evening. :) You see, this is why going to meetings is THE BEST.

Goals for this week:

- drink 3L of water a day

- cut out the bites, licks and tastes (seriously! Especially of Shaun’s peanut butter granola that is sooooo good but is 2pts for a measly ¼ cup! Do you know how quickly you can mindlessly eat ¼ cup??)

- run 30 min, 3x

- Try 2 new recipes, and possibly a breakfast cookie!

ETA: A few of you have asked about the resort we stayed at in Cuba -- It was called The Royal Hideaway, and our package was through Transat Vacations (booked on Red Tag). It's difficult for Americans to travel to Cuba, but not impossible. You have to fly out of Canada (or the UK, I guess, though that seems excessive) You have to make sure they don't stamp your passport at immigration (I don't think they really do that anymore though, I've never had mine stamped unless I actually ask.) AND you can't use any credit cards or traveller's cheques backed by American banks (but we didn't use any credit cards anyway, just brought cash.)